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12/16/2022 General
Celebrating a Milestone

Celebrating a Milestone: Custom College Visits on their Exciting 150th Campus Visit

Delray Beach, FL, December, 2022 – Custom College Visits (CCV), a leader in personalized, on-campus college tours and a member of the Boca Chamber, is celebrating their 150th campus visit! CCV specializes in planning personalized college visit itineraries for families, and a key component of their high-touch approach is driven by personal experience. Janice Caine, founder, recently toured both Tulane University and Loyola University, rounding out her own 149th and 150th on campus visits.

Since the company’s inception in 2010, Custom College Visits has helped students and families from the U.S and from around the world plan in-depth, on-campus itineraries to colleges throughout the U.S., with the goal of giving students an authentic feel for each college that they visit. Touring the schools herself allows her to better plan and advise the families that she works with, as she is familiar not just with the schools, but their geographic location and feel, as well as the on-campus experience. 

The visits also offered an interesting insight into the current status of on-campus tours. At Loyola the tour was incredibly personal, just Janice, her family, and a guide. By contrast, the tour at Tulane  was self-guided. One offers intimacy but a lack of free range, while the other offers the campus unto the tourer, but does not have a set-in-stone structure. Experiencing the juxtaposition between these two types of tours first-hand helps Janice prepare clients for their own travel. She is primed to offer suggestions and questions that students and families can ask during their visits to maximize their experience. Her favorite tour of all 150 schools? Says founder Janice Caine, “Can I pick my own Alma Mater? I’ll always know the campus, but it’s forever changing - being updated, expanded, and beautified. I could tour Smith College over and over and always notice something new.” Custom College Visits is a Delray Beach-based, woman-owned business. The company designs multi-campus, multi-day itineraries for college-bound teens and their families. Campus visits are tailored to the specific interests of each student, allowing them to visit the colleges of their choice. Custom College Visits has become known for its attention to detail and personalized service.

For more information about Custom College Visits’ services or upcoming webinar, call (650) 931-4515 or send an email to info@customcollegevisits.com You may also visit the website at www.customcollegevisits.com.