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7/26/2022 General
Rowe Elite Performance (REP) is now open!

Rowe Elite Performance (REP) is now open!

Boca Raton’s newest personal/private training studio is open. The gym was created during the pandemic as Jason Rowe, the head trainer, trained Cris and his wife Lindsay in their home garage starting in early 2020. The journey began in January 2020 when they all met in a gym in Boca and Jason put them on a fitness program. Nearly immediately, they saw incredible gains and overall felt better. The gym closed at the beginning of the pandemic, and they continued to work out on their own the best they could with what they had learned. However, those gains disappeared until they reached out to Jason and he agreed to train them in their garage. During that time, a strong friendship developed. The idea was born to merge talents to create a private training studio in Boca to help people invest in their health and feel better. The perfect match was made - Cris with his extensive business background, Lindsay with her management experience, and Jason with his exercise science degree combined with his incredible ability to help people with their fitness journey! The planning began in summer 2021 and finally in May 2022 they were able to open their doors in Boca! Cris and Lindsay have seen firsthand how important fitness is to their overall health, and are pleased to offer this to everyone else in a gym where the owners are all family and friends trying to help anyone who walks through their doors accomplish a healthier lifestyle!
Currently, offering a free week of one-on-one training with Jason, there is no obligation. The free week includes an assessment and two sessions if used in a 7-day period. They look forward to seeing you soon!