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7/6/2020 General
Complimentary disinfecting services for preschools

Complimentary disinfecting services for preschools and day cares in light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

We are starting a movement!  We want to give back to our community one business at a time!  It is our responsibility to help one another in this time of need.  Under Pressure Cleaning Solutions is starting with the preschools and the day cares with providing one complimentary disinfecting every week!  We want to mitigate the effects of this pandemic and delay its spread with properly disinfecting and protecting our children from illness.  It is their birthright to have a normal life filled with laughter, not having to worry about social distancing!  

Washing hands and sanitizing can help but we have the proper training and the proper equipment to take precautionary measures and in return having peace of mind.  This is not the time to give this type of responsibility to amateurs when there are experts in the field who specialize in this type of disinfecting.   

In order to reduce the impacts of the virus, everyone has a role to play and we are more than willing to lead by example by doing what is necessary.  It's the right thing to do to step forward and offer our services to our kids!  We must join forces, be involved as a community and help one another thrive again!   

If you would like to discuss the details of this story, you can reach us directly with the information below.   

Lena Ocampo: lena.underpressure@gmail.com | Ryan Brewer: ryanbrewer.underpressure@gmail.com 410-999-5060  www.underpressurecleaningsolutions.com