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4/30/2020 General
Objective Consultant

Objective consultant offers no-risk business expense savings
Schooley Mitchell expands in South Florida

SOUTH FLORIDA – Businesses are bombarded with offers on the latest technology, service or application every day. Now businesses in the southern Florida area have another independent, objective place to turn for business optimization advice.

We are pleased to announce Schooley Mitchell Strategic-Partner Christina Grenga is now offering cost-saving solutions and expert recommendations in several areas, such as telecommunications, merchant services, small package shipping and waste disposal.

Grenga has been working with businesses providing solutions that drive results to their bottom line for 25 years. She is looking forward to helping her clients save time and money on their bills, as well as giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing their services are optimized.

“Every business can benefit from the expense reduction services Schooley Mitchell provides, but it’s even more important in today’s environment.,” she explained. “The good news is you don’t have to change vendors for this to happen. We are experts at reducing expenses – it’s all we do! Helping businesses reduce expenses is my number one priority.” 

She is a member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Palm Beaches. She serves on the Women in Business Executive Committee and is a past board member of the Mortgage Bankers Association. She is a past member of Women in Finance, Commercial Finance Association, Association of Capital Growth and NY Hedge Fund Association. She has also been an Ambassador for World Vision and World Wildlife Fund. Grenga was awarded the Pinnacle award from Fiserv, and is a 9 time Leaders Club recipient by JP Morgan Chase. She is a New York native and has been living in South Florida since 2012. Grenga earned a BSBA from the University of Missouri.

Schooley Mitchell delivers expertise to companies large and small from all industries, offering a broad range of services including analysis of existing and future telecom, merchant services, small package shipping and waste disposal needs, assessment of best alternatives and implementation of cost-effective solutions. On average, Schooley Mitchell reduces expenses in these areas by 27-28 percent.

Schooley Mitchell offers independent and objective recommendations based solely on the client’s best interests. Consultants receive no kickbacks or incentives from providers. The services are risk free – clients incur no out-of-pocket expenses and Schooley Mitchell’s fees are self-funded out of the savings generated. Any business that uses telephones, wireless devices, computers, processes debit or credit cards, ships small packages or simply generates waste can benefit from Schooley Mitchell’s expertise.

To find out how Christina Grenga can help you save time, improve the bottom line and help maximize business systems, contact her at 914-213-1698, email christina.grenga@schooleymitchell.com, or visit www.schooleymitchell.com/cgrenga.

About Schooley Mitchell
Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consulting company in North America, with offices from coast-to-coast. To date, Schooley Mitchell has delivered over $360 million in documented savings to our clients. For additional information about Schooley Mitchell’s services and opportunity, visit www.schooleymitchell.com

Christina Grenga
Schooley Mitchell