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4/27/2020 General
Pristine World Solutions

Pristine World Solutions Wants to Make Sure the Community Stays Safe

While most people in our community are trying search for answers and solutions for today's Coronavirus pandemic, here at Pristine World Solutions have taken the offensive on this deadly virus on a daily basis, and also advise people on how to prepare for the new "normal" we all will be facing in the future.

I believe it is important for our community not to live in fear, but to take this time to educate ourselves on the future biological dangers that are hiding in the shadows that will try to interrupt our lives in the near future.   We believe this education starts at home, and extends to our social and business lives.This education starts with knowing what cleaning products we are using to "clean, sanitize and disinfect" our homes, where our children, ourselves and furry friends spend most of our lives. We have all been raised with certain beliefs and traditions that we still hold onto as adults. 

The universal belief that products like Clorox, PineSol and Lysol were the universal standard for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting.  Even today, our society has embraced the use of wipes and hand sanitizers as answers for all  bacteria and viruses that we encounter on a daily basis.  The untold fact is that almost 70% of most of our household and commercial cleaning products contain at least one or several toxic chemicals such as Quats ( pesticides) bleach, ammonia and even hydrogen peroxide solutions, that are in fact extremely toxic to people and pets internal organs. Over the years, large companies that produce these toxic cleaning products for humans, have spent billions of dollars over the years brainwashing the millions of consumers who purchase these products on a daily basis.  In simpler terms, people were led to believe that they were sanitizing and difectioning their homes and businesses, but instead were filling the bodies with pathogens that are harmful to them over long periods of time.

We at Pristine World Solutions, spend most of our time trying to educate our local residents and businesses by giving out or sending out as many free samples of our product as possible. When stopping in to pick up take out at a local restaurant or business that is deemed essential, we leave a couple bottles and the door, or ship them to them, either way, including information on our EvaClean certified line of sanitizing and disinfectant products, with comparisons against other products currently on the market.

The precautions on stopping the spread of the coronavirus should be embedded in everyone's mind by now. We are attempting to prepare our local community for the future, and what they can do to get up to speed as quickly as possible, at the same time raising their product knowledge using simple, plain language.

1) Learn the difference between sanitize and disinfect.  A simple exercise that will open some eyes.

2) Look up the definition of what a Quat is? This product you will find in most of your cleaning products in your home.  They are very easy to recognize on the ingredients of most cleaning products.  If you cannot pronounce them or easily spell them, they are Quats.

3) Check the sanitizing and disinfectant times on the back of the wipes you have at home, and the Bleach you may have in your closet.  They will range from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, but you must keep the service wet with those products for that length of time.

4) Research the 3 levels of EPA certified products. There is 2A, 2B, 2C, and see where your product of choice stands. 2C iis the highest rated category of EPA registered products are found

Contact us at info@pwsolutions.co for information on our EvaClean line of products.

P.S. EvaClean is found in the highest rated level of sanitizers and disinfects, because of its' kill times and the number of viruses and bacteria it is certified to kill