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3/24/2020 General
Life and Business as We Know

Life and Business as We Know it has Drastically Changed, Some Aspects Forever… BE ASSURED, OPPORTUNITIES ARE BORN FROM CRISIS
As seasoned brand builders for more than 23 years through economic, litigation, reputation repair, natural disaster and national threat (as 9/11) challenges, Kaye Communications PR & Marketing (KCOM-PR) is ready to help small and mid-size companies and nonprofits find their opportunities and ready themselves for a strong, robust market re-entry. History will show that it is how business and nonprofit brands act, plan and communicate through this unprecedented time of uncertainty will determine which brands will rebound and dominate.
Using this downtime wisely with an outside brand communications advisor during this “personal and business” pause should inspire, excite and empower leadership and their team(s) to identify and harness the opportunities (some hiding in plain sight) through this crisis and beyond while simultaneously building brand value and trust with their customers/donors, influencers and recommenders, vendors, key marketplace partners and the communities in which they operate and serve.
For organizations stymied about what to do next, they should reach out to KCOM-PR to determine their needs, explore their distinctive opportunities and then plan related action. The firm's brand masters recognized as game-changing IDEA creators and activators -- with a combined B2B and B2C communications career track record of 75+ years -- are ready to navigate brands through this unnerving disruption and vibrant re-launch when life and biz start up again.

While many businesses and nonprofits traditionally think of their trusted advisors as accountants, bankers, attorneys, insurance brokers, HR directors, advisory boards, it is critical that in this time of unprecedented uncertainty that they now include an outside brand communications leader who has decades of experience and insights garnered through "thick and thin" markets and is supported by ready-to-activate resources and relationships.

By providing candid counsel, creative thinking and relevant brand triage services and resources KCOM-PR can help prevent costly internal tunnel vision (by going in the wrong direction, missing new untapped audiences, etc.) and group think (with staff often afraid to disagree with leadership, etc.)

To assist in this unprecedented time of crisis, KCOM-PR has relaxed for new clients its annual retainer requirements to provide the marketing and communications triage services listed below. They can be provided individually or bundled based on an organization’s vision, mission, needs and budgets.

These marketing communications triage services, directed by Founder & Chief Strategist Bonnie S. Kaye, are reserved solely for those who need guidance of a proven trusted authority offering related services for retail, lifestyle, culture and entertainment, travel and hospitality, healthcare, commercial and residential real estate developers, professional services firms, destinations, nonprofits and events. The firm works in concert with leadership, and as needed, its brain trust of professional advisors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For organizations requiring a total brand transformation, re-invention or launch for a totally new brand, it would necessitate more than triage services.

For new clients, KCOM-PR will donate 10% of fees back into the community to nonprofits that are providing food for families, children and the elderly struggling through this crisis, including those unemployed and newly furloughed workers.
• Virtual "Think Tank" Counsel and Strategy Sessions
• Strategic Brand and Communications Messaging, Planning, Activation
• Original Brand Content
• Internal and External Communications
• Campaigns
• News Releases
• E-Blasts
• Social Media
• Video Production
• Scripting
• Presentation Development
• Graphic Design
• Videography: YouTube and Facebook Ads, Broadcast Commercials

CONTACT US TODAY (at 561-392-5166, ext. 2, or email bkaye@kcompr.com or  jkaye@kcompr.com)
to set a conference call meeting to help assess short-term and long-term communications needs. Operations hours extended: Seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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