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3/20/2020 General
Itz Why LLC Donates Support in Times of Uncertainty

Itz Why LLC Donates Support in Times of Uncertainty

For Immediate Release Name: Coach Lynn Lessell
Date: March 20, 2020 Phone: 561-331-6006
Email: lynn@itzwhy.com

• Quarantine: The emotional impact caused by the fear of a lockdown.
• Economic Impact: The emotional impact of income loss.
• Bouncing Back: The Power of Positive Thinking

[Boca Raton, FL, March 20. 2020] - The Coronavirus crisis has already required most areas to implement isolation protocols, while some areas have already imposed a lockdown. Few people are venturing out of their homes unless necessary and unrest is already having a serious emotional impact from the fear of the possibility of long-term social disconnect. Many have expressed anxiety over the perception that life, as we now know it, will change. Continuing and sustaining self-responsibility is more important than ever before. How can we overcome these concerns, gain clarity, and determine what to do next? Now, more than ever, we can all benefit from a little extra support to discover the answers to this question and many others. SELF-CARE IS GIVING THE WORLD THE BEST OF YOU INSTEAD OF WHAT’S LEFT OF YOU. - Katie Reed
Stories are popping up quickly regarding job furloughs, imposed vacation time use, and expected income loss. There are many stories already being shared close to home about how economic impact is already affecting us locally and across the globe. This is affecting the mindset of all age groups as the concerns of our economic future and safety escalate. What can we do, as individuals, to take mindful positive steps to minimize this effect on our pockets and maintain optimism for our future? How would it feel if you had unconditional emotional support to discover what is possible during this stressful time?

During these trying times we could all use extra support and coming together as a community. You may be feeling a lot of fear right now and concern for yourself, your
family, your clients and your business. What does positive thinking mean to you? What can we do to improve and/or sustain our resilience? These are questions that will be explored together in a support session as you determine what the best next steps are. As a transformational health and life coach, Lynn intends to give back to the community by donating free individual or group virtual sessions to offer additional support during this crisis.

Now is your time. Take your power back. You are stronger and more confident with support. “Self-confidence is like a three-legged stool. What happens if a leg of the stool is damaged or missing? (The stool is wobbly or falls.) The three “legs” people need to feel self-confident are developing skills, respecting yourself and others, and acting responsibly.”, (P. Nowakowski). In these times of uncertainty, we can work together to uncover possibility and opportunity we may not have realized before.
Please accept this invitation to partner with Coach Lynn Lessell for a special call - "How to Overcome Your Fears in Times of Uncertainty" Call 561-331-6006 to schedule.

About Itz Why LLC
Itz Why LLC was founded by Lynn Lessell, who is certified in health and life transformation, in addition to currently training for National Board certification. Coaching is a partnering process that provides support and accountability while we work together to determine where you are now, where you would rather be, and the best pathway between the two. This process takes place online to provide the most comfortable, non-judgmental, unconditional space for self-discovery.
Lynn is passionate about her work and believes we optimize our success and resilience in all dimensions of life through self-responsibility and self-care.