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2/20/2020 General
Clerk & Comptroller's Office Committed to Transparency

Clerk & Comptroller’s Office Committed to Transparency

Transparency in government is a fundamental right of our American democracy. To be “of the people, by the people and for the people,” our government must be open to the people.

Our society is founded on the principle that we all have the right to know about our government and the ability to hold our leaders accountable.  From the Courthouse to the State Capitol, each and every one of us is entitled to public information that allows us to understand how our government works.
Every year in March, during “Sunshine Week,” we celebrate this right by reaffirm our commitment to government transparency. The annual observance begins this year on March 15.
As your independently elected Clerk & Comptroller, it’s my job to protect, preserve and maintain Palm Beach County’s public records and public funds and to provide on-demand access to this public information.
If you want to know how much the Board of County Commissioners spent on road projects, review lawsuits filed in Palm Beach County against a person or business, or research officials records such as marriage licenses or deeds, my office or website is the place to go.
Records secured, maintained and made available to you by my office include:

• Court records: Criminal, civil and traffic court records in Palm Beach County
• Official records: Court judgments, deeds, liens, marriage licenses, mortgages, plats and tax deeds
• Meeting minutes: Minutes of County Commission meetings
• Financial reports: Annual financial reports about County finances, revenue, spending and debt.
 Audits: Audits completed by the Clerk & Comptroller’s office
My office is using artificial intelligence and computer automation to make it even easier for you to access these records. By embracing emerging technologies that work around the clock, we can provide faster access to certain court records and other documents.
Many records are available on-demand on my website, MyPalmBeachClerk.com, and can be accessed in just a few simple clicks. I encourage you to explore the tools and resources available on my website, and learn more about your right to public information. 
During Sunshine Week, I reaffirm my commitment to uphold and defend your right to know. Public information belongs to all of us – not just during Sunshine Week, but every week of the year.

It’s up to all of us to keep the sun shining on our government all year long.