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2/18/2020 General
Eco Friendly Bamboo Straws

Best Environmentally Conscious Eco Friendly Bamboo Straws On The Market Today!

Finally, an effective eco friendly natural bamboo straw that works! Our new multi-use
bamboo straws protects your teeth, health and the environment.-

(Boca Raton, FL- February 2020) - Renown entrepreneur Paul Einbinder, President of Eco
Prefer Solutions, is proud to announce the company’s latest product to hit the market today, an
“in demand” eco friendly 100% natural bamboo straw.

Bamboo Straws are a safe and effective way to protect the environment, help to save our
planet and oceans, as well as, keeping your teeth whiter and less susceptible to stains and
cavities. Bamboo is the ultimate sustainable resource. It’s the fastest growing plant on Earth.
Our bamboo straws are ethically manufactured with no environmental impact.

“We were determined to distribute an affordable product that shows you care for our planet.
Compared to glass and metal, the bamboo straw reduces toxicity and chemicals in our world.
They can be used for hot or cold drinks, smoothies, boba, tea, coffee, and milk, too. From trial
and error, we discovered that our eco friendly bamboo straws were 100% the most
comfortable, effective, sustainable, reusable, and long lasting.The success of bamboo straws
begins with you, one bamboo straw at a time. "At Eco Prefer Solutions, we are constantly
working to replace plastic products with natural sources. ”
says Paul Einbinder, President.

Please visit www.ecoprefersolutions.com to learn more and place an order. Personalized
branding and engraving available upon request. For all media outlets, retailers, distributors,
mass-market buyers, contact Paul Einbinder directly at ecoprefersolutions@gmail.com or call /
text (786)785-1613 .

Eco Prefer Solutions is committed to donate a portion of its profits from the sale of our eco
friendly products to non-profit organizations whose mission is to protect our planet and promote
health and wellness.