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8/6/2019 General
A Wise Decision That Shows You Care

A Wise Decision That Shows You Care

Most likely, you’ve done everything you can to protect your family’s future. You’ve invested wisely, acquired insurance on your life as well as on your home and automobiles. You probably spoke with multiple investment advisors and compared prices on homeowner and auto insurance policies from a number of insurance companies. This type of planning, which takes time and effort, brings us and our family peace of mind, making it well worth the effort.

But what about the inevitable? Let’s face it, no one wants to think about their own demise much less plan for it. Facts being facts, however, the mortality rate is and always will be 100%.

Sure, we can leave our funeral arrangements to our family, after all, we won’t know or care at that point. But do you really want your family to take care of these difficult tasks on one of the worst days of their lives?  Wouldn’t you rather make your own informed decisions and, once again, protect your loved ones both financially and emotionally?

Prearranging your funeral or memorial service gives you the opportunity to become informed about your options in an unpressured environment, when you have the time to think things through. You’re in full control and you can select and specify the services that truly have meaning to you and your family.

By planning in advance, you can involve your family and make objective decisions together in a calm and rational manner, away from the pressure and stress that occur at a time of sadness and loss. Involving those most affected by your passing can bring peace of mind, relief and comfort to those who will have to carry out your wishes.

In addition, by arranging in advance, you lock in your plan at today’s prices and reduce the possibility that your family will make emotional (i.e., costly) decisions at the time of your passing.

Written by Amy R. Stein, Family Service Counselor
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