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8/22/2018 General
New Certified Sadkhin Practitioner

For Immediate Release
Date: July 9th, 2018
Phone: (561) 409-2137
Email: bocaraton@sadkhin.com

New Certified Sadkhin Practitioner

Beth Meirav recently took over the Boca Raton Sadkhin Complex location. 
Ms. Meirav trained in NYC with Dr. Sadkhin who started this natural weight loss/detox program over 30 years ago. This patented program uses acupressure to control hunger and flush fatty tissue out of the body. Combined with intermittent fasting and a temporary food plan, clients typically lose 5-10% of their body weight within a month.

A recent client is quoted as saying “I lost 16 pounds in less than 2.5 months with the Sadkhin diet. This was after years of struggling with weight gain due to medication. I worked out regularly and recorded every calorie and nothing worked until I started with Sadkhin Weight Loss. I liked the fact that it involved acupressure and not caffeine or other "diet" products. It also didn't require me to purchase special food. It is all natural.”

The Sadkhin Complex® was founded in 1989 when the founder and owner, Dr. Grigory D. Sadkhin emigrated to the United States bringing with him his unique approach to weight loss through hunger control. The Sadkhin Complex® has enjoyed tremendous growth and continues to bring its philosophy and drug-free weight loss methods to people all over the United States and abroad. The Sadkhin Complex® currently has locations in Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Canada, Washington D.C., Texas, Philadelphia and Detroit.

The Sadkhin Complex of Boca Raton is located at:

7025 Beracasa Way, Suite 105C
Boca Raton, FL 33433