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6/29/2018 General
Tiv Perfume's 3 Secrets to Choosing the Right Scent Online


1. Understand the 3 Notes That Make Up a Quality Designer Perfume. A fragrance takes a time to develop on your skin, cycling through 3 “notes” and combining with your pheromones. The end result is the marriage of the middle and bottom notes with your unique physiology.

Top Notes are your first perception – and also the quickest to evaporate. Never choose a scent by its first impression. Give it at least 10 minutes to develop on your skin. If you’re shopping online, DON’T make a choice based on the top notes.

Middle notes are the heart of the perfume – so they’re critical to your choice. Online, choose perfumes with middle notes that are scents that you love, or remind you of places and memories.

Base notes bring depth and substance – like the bass in a jazz trio, they’re less obvious but long lasting and totally necessary to your end results. Online, look for base note elements that trigger positive emotions and feelings.

2. Know and Shop for Scents That Contain the Best Quality Ingredients.

The best, long-lasting perfumes are made from high quality natural essences and use an absolute minimum of natural fixatives and no chemical synthetics. Once you learn how to identify top quality perfume ingredients, you’ll save both your time and your money otherwise wasted on low-quality perfumes.

“Budget” perfumes made from low-quality essences with harmful chemicals also have little staying power, and smell what they are – cheap. You might not notice the difference right now, but once you start using a top quality perfume, you will; and you’ll be kicking yourself for not making the switch sooner!

The right ingredients are everything. You may swoon at the scent of roses and jasmine – but did you know that the best rose essence is Bulgarian Rose and the most exquisite Jasmine is Italian? Or, if you love the smell of sandalwood, you should know that Olibanam is a much higher quality equivalent in a perfume.

Knowing these tips and tricks to choosing a perfume with the best ingredients will save you countless hours of research, time spent traipsing around stores and likely hundreds of dollars.

3. Choose the Essences of Your Dreams and Memories. You are what you love. The perfect fragrance for you – one that will complement your beauty and your style, even enhance your natural pheromones – is one that is one that is tied to the scents and the places that you love. It could be to a treasured memory, or it could be a place you’re drawn to and dream of.

Have you always dreamed of a destination wedding on the beach, with jasmine wafting on the breeze? Are you drawn to tropical getaways with warm sunsets scented with rich, spicy aromas? Then choose a fragrance with middle and base notes that sing of the tropics.

Save your time and money. Instead, take a journey down memory lane – or into your dearest dreams – to identify the key ingredients of your perfect perfume.

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