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The Chamber creates opportunities for engagement. It informs and educates, and regularly solicits input on initiatives to help make our community stronger.

- Mark Mileusnic, NCCI

While many organizations battened down the hatches, the Boca Raton Chamber took action. They quickly identified ways to provide value to its members by conducting Zoom networking events, highly informative presentations with key government and area leaders, and continuously provided timely information about closures, how to support restaurants, and now communication about the slow re-opening of business in South Palm Beach County. The Boca Chamber creates value on the regular, but during this pandemic, they have proven their worth ten-fold. Thank you for being the guiding light to keep businesses and the community moving forward, regardless of the headwinds upon us.

- Rob Jager, Plum Productions

“I have really enjoyed and benefited personally and professionally from my membership in the Boca Chamber. The many networking, educational and just plain fun events (virtual and in person) have really grown my contact lists for clients as well as trusted vendors and advisors.  It has and continues to be a lot of fun, interesting and beneficial knowing what is going on in our community and having access to community business, civic, state and non-profit leaders that I have met through the Boca Chamber.  My return on investment is great and continues to grow and highly recommend the Boca Chamber to all.”

- Dan Meister, CMP at Meister Meetings & Travel Corp.

I participated in Leadership Boca class of 2019 and met not only referral sources within my field that I continue to keep in contact with, but made great friends that have also been helpful business contacts.

- Rachel A. Vidal, CPA, Daszkal Bolton, LLP

I have been a member of the Boca Raton Chamber for over a year now and have been part of the Leads Group #2 since I joined.   The leads group is full of professionals who have a sincere desire to help each other succeed.   The meetings are professional, informative and always well attended.   I look forward to my continued membership and interaction with this high-quality group of individuals.  

- Adam M. Corin, Niroc Consultants, Inc.

Joining the Boca Raton Chamber has been the best thing I could ever do for my business. I have met so many great members, which in turn has resulted in great business & friend relationships for referrals, both giving & receiving. And to think I thought I didn’t have the time for it.

- Mark Toor, Computer Care, Inc.

The Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce is a huge support to the community. The Chamber continuously fosters initiatives for community involvement, recognition and awareness through its many programs for learning, expansion, economic development, growth and leadership. The Chamber offers many available resources in providing the foundation for economic and professional growth in the Boca Raton community. The Leaders behind the Chamber are knowledgeable, compassionate, helpful and extremely supportive. The door is always open! I am proud to be a member.

- Amy Levin Soble, The Legal Group

The Boca Chamber is so much more than a meeting space; it is the Heart of our Community.  Never has this been more apparent than during this Pandemic.  Although we are not able to physically visit the Chamber these days, the Chamber maintains a constant presence and helpful influence, connecting members in new ways that serve to protect local businesses during these extraordinarily difficult times.

- David S. Hollander, Esq., MBA, Law Offices of David S. Hollander, P.A.


My Boca Chamber membership is very meaningful to me because the staff are proactive & responsive. They understand my niche business of Office Tenant Representation, and when fellow Chamber members have issues or need assistance with office space, they know that I’m glad to help – even it it’s not transactional. They think of me as a Resource, and I appreciate that. Also, there is constant quality programming. The entire staff works hard to deliver serious value for members – and it shows. Thank you




The Boca Chamber is an invaluable resource to local business people.  With everything they do for us politically, economically, and SO much more!  Attending Chamber events is a GREAT way to stay top of mind and nurture relationships with other local business people that I know, and there are always new people to meet as well.  It took me a long time to get involved in the Chamber...knowing what I know now...I wish that I would have gotten involved a LONG time ago.  You owe it to yourself, your business, and your family to get involved!

- Dan Nathanson,  The Nathanson Mortgage Team





During these trying times, The Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce continues to go above and beyond in its efforts to keep its members involved with our local business community. They are supporting us by providing update current and fact-based information that help a business make sound decisions. It is times like this that makes your involvement and membership so in the chamber so important it helps keep your business viable.   

- Ken Huntman, Awards & More

The Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce is a great place to network, learn and connect with other leaders and grow your business! They have a lot of great programs that will help you obtain your goals.  The entire team at the Chamber is always there to help and support each of their members.  I’m so grateful that I am part of such an amazing organization.

- Eva Blow, ONE Sotheby's International Realty


Being a Boca Chamber member during the Covid time has been so wonderful. The Chamber staff has thought outside the box with fun social hours and very informative webinars. Having the YouTube channel available for watching again or the things you have missed has been fantastic"

- Michelle Jackson - Get Dry Restoration - Boynton Beach Ambassador Chair


Delighted to be part of such a vital organization as the Boca Raton/Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce.  Greatly appreciative that our outstanding Chamber team continues its efforts to educate and engage members as well as the community throughout even the most challenging times.  At all times, the BRBB Chamber provides us with the opportunity to market our businesses, connect to the community and educate ourselves while having the added benefit of developing lasting friendships and so much more. 

- Honored Long Time Chamber Member, Lisa Jensen, FNBCC First National Bank Coastal Community


It's kinda funny, I joined the Chamber to expand my network and help others where I can.  It was the Friday before everything came to a grinding halt and the Chamber had to halt all in person events.  Over the next 10 days the Chamber went fully virtual; offering trainings, zoom meetings, virtual networking, basically everything the Chamber had to offer all virtually.  I immediately felt connected to Chamber members and am so thankful.  It has been great and confirmed my decision that joining the Chamber was a wise decision for me personally and professionally.

- David Fleisher, Realtor, Century 21 Stein Posner

I joined the Boca Chamber a year ago and it has been a positive experience for me.   The Chamber staff has been a lot of help in growing my business .  I have met a lot of connections in my time at the  chamber and looking forward to many more years. During the Covid 19, the chamber has continued to be very helpful with access to zoom and in any help I or the community needs. I highly recommend the Boca chamber for anyone who wants to grow their business and meet great people.

- Gene Fried, US Health Advisors



The Boca Chamber has been such a blessing. It has been an amazing experience building personal and professional relationships with those in my local community. It is always great to know a friend face when out in the community.

- Mikesha Murray, TD Bank


The Boca Chamber has allowed businesses, like mine, to continue their visibility and relevance in the community during this uncertain time. As our world has shifted to a virtual setting, the Chamber has offered many opportunities that allow us to feel connected and in-tune with what is happening locally.

- Eden Weiss, American Cancer Society, Inc. | Southeast Region

Becoming a member of the Boca Chamber was one of the best decisions I made after moving here last summer.  The organization does a great job of creating networking opportunities along with continuously providing personal and professional growth opportunities. The way they’ve pivoted and shifted during these unprecedented times with taking all events online has been impressive.  Everyone is super friendly and genuinely interested in helping you connect and grow your business exposure.  Thank you Chamber for the excellence job you do!

- Patricia Cimino, Empowerment Coach


My time in the Boca chamber leads group has provided great contacts, resources and the ability for our firm to interact with local businesses.
- Roger A. Cole, CPA Daszkal Bolton LLP

The entire Boca Chamber team is amazing, going way above and beyond! They have not only have helped me and my business grow within the Chamber, but they are always helping make connections within the community and creating lasting relationships.

- Mike Santangelo, Pin High Promotions


I have been a part of the Boca Raton Chamber for about three years and I have gone from knowing no one, to knowing a countless number of people (and businesses).  Not only do we know each other but there have been many referrals given and received.  Every referral I received became a customer.  Give the chamber your time and your time will give you great business.

- Scott Rosen, Mass Mutual


I have been a member of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce for the past sixteen years. 
I am in a leads group; I am a chamber ambassador and have joined various other committees throughout the years. As an ambassador I have overseen several different areas to promote the chamber. I have attended many, many functions and events held by the chamber including Ribbon Cuttings, Breakfasts, After Hours Networkers, lectures, auctions, training, just to name a few. By joining the chamber and being an active member of the chamber helps you to be a part of the community. To know what is happening around town. When you utilize all the things that the chamber has to offer you make new strong relationships with other members. Through these relationships you are able to network and refer and get business. People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. You want to grow your business then being part of the chamber and working it will help you to succeed in just that. I have made good friends by being part of the chamber, people that I can call to ask a question and rely upon in many areas. Bounce ideas off of, get advice. Like anything else the chamber is not for everyone but works for a good majority. If you are looking to join an organization with its finger on the pulse, then the
Greater Boca Raton Chamber is for you.

- Yvonne Graber, Computer Community Hospital


My experience with the Chamber since I have been involved has been very rewarding. Very helpful staff.  Jonathan Porges is a great Market Manager of Boynton Beach. Every business should be a Chamber Member. Genuine people that help each other grow their business. Also, you make lasting friendships. 

- Catherine Strader, LEGACY BANK of FLORIDA



Joining the Chamber has been one of the best things I could do for myself and my business. I have built some very strong relationships with other fabulous people who are part of this amazing community. I am looking forward to meeting with all of them in person soon!

Parul Sharma, Techni Inc. – IT and eLearning Solutions Provider


During this time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Boca Chamber customer services have been phenomenal.  The weekly messages from the CEO, Zoom meetings, webinars, and other virtual services assisted members and non-members with active community informational updates. Kudos to the Boca Chamber staff for their professionalism that truly exemplifies, "we are stronger together." 

- Robin Johnson Blake, Palm Beach State College

“The Boca Chamber has been an invaluable resource to our business from the very beginning. We’re all about relationships and we still have clients we met ten even twenty years ago in the very same room where we continue to form new relationships today.”

- John Bonani, ISG Graphics


The Boca Chamber has enabled me to grow personally and professionally within the community. The relationships that have developed are plentiful and priceless. My business has benefited as well.

- Drew Shane


I’m grateful to be involved in the chamber. It has opened up many doors of opportunity, both professionally and personally. As the chair of the Boynton Chamber Connectors, I’m appreciative of the leadership Jonathan has modeled in my effort to grow our group. I’m so excited for the future of the Boynton Beach chamber!

- Michael McLemore, All State


My name is Sheryl Bialo gold leader & educator in doterra essential oil company. We are the number 1 company in the world helping 9 million globally the benefits of essential oils. My connection with this Boca Chamber has helped me expand my network with so many opportunities within exhibition events and women’s professionals’ groups. The level and quality of the professionals connected with this organization has been top level. I have lived and participated in other big cities chambers, but our Boca chamber is the best one by far!!!

- Sheryl Bialo, DōTERRA essential Oil educator & Gold leader


Even though we are witnessing and living through the Pandemic, the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce has continued to enable our business community to thrive and support their mission to promote and sustain economic prosperity.

Eliot Popper, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


Thank you, Boca Chamber, for keeping me informed and in the loop with the fantastic virtual meetings and presentations you are offering. I look forward to these engagements and smiling faces weekly.

- Ami Zak, Unique Gifts & Premiums


Boca Chamber has done an amazing job doing a quick pivot to holding online events and meetings!  They continue to be a resource and advocate for local businesses, keeping us informed of new regulations and representing our best interests to local government, while still connecting members.  Thank you Chamber staff!

- Roz Kodish, Everything Logo


The Boca Chamber is truly my Business Family.  The breakfasts each month give me the perfect opportunity to connect with the local business community.  The Chamber's Government Affairs Committee and my role on the BLUPAC Board allows me to advocate on behalf of business and plug into both the legislative and political happenings in South Florida, Tallahassee, and Washington, DC.  Finally, I love being an instructor with the Chamber's Young Entrepreneur's Academy.  Working with middle and high school students to start their own businesses is thrilling and rewarding.  The Boca Chamber is where it's at!

- Bobra Bush, Telcom Corp





I am really enjoying my membership with The Boca Chamber. I feel very fortunate to be involved with a great networking group that has helped me both professionally, and personally. I look forward to many more years of adventures and opportunities.

- Jeffrey Viselman, Boca Expert Realty, LLC


I have been with the Boynton Chamber going into my third year. I have partnered with a Leads Group run by Jessica McLemore & Jonathan Porges. The group is very informative & CARES about your business! Moving forward to these challenging times Jonathan has really gone above & beyond connecting with myself & business. Anytime I contact him he is always willing to go the extra mile. He always has time for me & my business.

- Tracie T. Taylor, ServPro


I have been an Ambassador for the Boca Chamber of Commerce since 2013 and I was so very honored to receive the 2019 "Ambassador of the Year" Award. Since the Chamber offers a myriad of events and I am in the event business, there is a marvelous synergy in the collaboration of all of the events on my website. I have been pleased with the contacts I've made and the knowledge I've gained, and so proud to be a part of this excellent organization.    Deby Goldfarb, Stepping Out Florida-Event Website
- Deby Goldfarb, Stepping Out Florida

The Boca Raton Chamber has been a supportive backbone to our business.  I would highly recommend joining, if you are not a member.  If you use the services/events provided, you will gain contacts, which turn into customers!


The Boca Chamber has not only been my “go-to” for local updates on business and community, but they have been a tremendous resource for my business. The Boca Chamber and its staff are continuously engaged and always willing to help facilitate a request, make an introduction or provide information that is helpful to me, my business and my clients. I highly recommend joining the Boca Chamber! You won’t regret it.

- Christina Grenga, Schooley Mitchell



Being part of the Boca Chamber has been a great experience. I have represented Frank Gatto & Associates at the Leads 3 Group for over a year and have found the other group members to be knowledgeable in their fields of expertise and helpful to the group members.

Specifically, one member from Champion Auto Leasing  sourced a new car for me and handled all of the leasing details including having the car and paperwork brought directly to my office which saved me so much time and relieved me from haggling with salespeople at the dealership.

Another member with Freedom Life assisted me with health insurance and professionally handled all of the details saving me time and money.

Best of all I made some new friends and enjoyed the lunch time meetings and group happy hours.

- Brenda Trapp,  Frank Gatto & Associates, Inc.