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BLU-PAC (Business Leaders United for Boca Raton - PC, Inc.) was created in 2006 to help you, our Chamber member, to better support state and local candidates who share your views on important issues.

One of your basic economic rights is to have the freedom to run your business without unwarranted government interference. It's vital that business groups become active in politics - through the support of candidates and the discussion of issues that come before voters at the polls.

The most effective way to protect your economic rights is to elect those candidates who adhere to this philosophy. As a rule, strength in numbers is the guiding force behind the success of an organization like BLU-PAC. Only together can we make a difference.

Already, BLU-PAC dollars have:

  • Enabled you to support pro-business candidates
  • Ensured 100% of Chamber-endorsed candidates won the 2006 General Election
  • Passed Amendment #3, requiring broader public support of Constitutional amendments or revisions
  • Successfully killed government-mandated healthcare, which took away your decision-making rights by requiring employers to provide mandatory healthcare coverage to employees
  • Successfully passed "Venture Capital for Emerging Business", allocating money to attract and invest early-stage capital in emerging Florida companies
  • Allowed the Chamber to conduct polls to gauge voters' opinions in key races and community issues
  • Provided for a new quarterly newsletter to keep you updated and informed

To continue these endeavors on your behalf, we need the support of each and every Chamber member! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For more information on BLU-PAC or to get involved, please contact Sarah Pearson at 561.395.4433

Paid for and sponsored by Business Leaders United for Boca Raton - CCE - Inc. Pursuant to section 106.087(2)(a), Florida Statutes. 1800 N. Dixie Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33432. Not approved by any candidate.