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7/8/2019 General
What You Have to Know in 2019


What You Have to Know in 2019 to Identify Your Target Market Online

One of the most difficult, and most important, aspects of marketing is learning about your audience. Once you complete a site you always want to use statistics tools like “Google Analytics” or “Awstats” to be sure you understand the trends of the people visiting your site. For instance, it is observed that people are on average visiting three pages of our site. They are, however, tending to drop off when they get to page three. We then need to look at page three in comparison with pages one and two. Upon inspection, we may notice page three has an overwhelming amount of print to read. Therefore, people are either clicking on another page, or leaving the site altogether, once they reach page three. So we now know that each page should be easy to understand and navigate, and the third page must be trimmed down. This is the importance of knowing your audience and their habits.

The main difference between “Google Analytics” and a stats package, like “Awstats”, is that one resides on your server and another does not. “Google Analytics” does not reside on your server. It uses a piece of JavaScript code to relay information back to the Google database. “Awstats”, on the other hand, is a free stats package for your web server. This means that the web application is installed on the server itself. Therefore, the information it collects is directly from your server and not only a piece of JavaScript code that may be inaccurate due to downtime or outage. The onboard stats package is more reliable because it does not rely on another program outside its own server.

If you are focused on a local audience, ensure that your business name and location, as well as any important keywords, are in the website title. Your title should not exceed 65 characters (including spaces). The description should not exceed 150 characters and the keywords should not exceed 10 terms or phrases and 150 characters (including spaces, as well). This will guarantee that your terms will carry weight. You do not want to try to pack in as many words as possible because your site and definitions will not be read properly by search engines.

Part of knowing your audience is having good statistics reports. “Google Analytics” is adequate, but you should try to use something that actually resides on the server so you can obtain more accurate results. The reports I use are called “Awstats” and I have included a link to an example above. Understand the trends of your audience and be sure to keep in contact with them by using a newsletter or mailing program. Always keep in good contact with all potential leads. Review sales reports to understand their age and purchase potential. This is all pertinent to molding the proper campaign and generating new sales. Knowing your audience means knowing both what they want and what they like, which is important information that is easily obtained online from good statistics reports and proper sales questions following check out. Moreover, using specific coupon codes for specific campaigns will allow you to know which sites and target markets are becoming conversions. It’s not only important to maintain the interest of your current clientele, but also to make sure that you have the information you need to properly market to your website visitors, whether the goal is to sell a product or to simply ask them to sign up for free.