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1/30/2019 General
Computer Care, Inc. Announces

Computer Care, Inc. in Boca Raton announces a revolutionary Artificial Intelligent Cyber Security software. This service stops any virus, malware or ransomware from running on your computer/computers (even ones that haven't been released yet). This new service gets rid of traditional anti-virus programs & malware programs that have to be constantly updated. These conventional programs technology are 30 years old and are always playing catch up with the nasties that are out there.

Our new cyber security program eliminates the need for definition updates as the program operates on the DNA level of any program that tries to run on your computer that is bad. The program also works in a smaller footprint meaning your computer will have a lot less to do in the background (faster computer). This means your computer won't have slowdowns like the old style programs have. Let's say you have an email that has a link that you or one of your employee clicks on (which shouldn't be done).

Our program will instantly stop any malicious program from even loading into memory which will not allow it to run & ruin your computer. No more reimaging your computer after a disaster or wasting time & money to get your computer back the way it was. The service is EXTREMELY affordable. To get more information or to get started just give us a call at 561-477-9226 or you can email Mark at marktoor@computercareinc.com.