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8/10/2018 General
LivWell360 Coaching Testimonial

LivWell360 Coaching Testimonial

I challenged Angie when I first met with me about coaching. Knowing in my heart how much I knew I needed, to hold me accountable, I was afraid of the unknown.
My only regret after I did sign up, was that I hadn’t started soon. I was prideful, I thought I could do it myself, but who I was I kidding, I tired numerous
times to “fix” myself, and after years and years of failed attempts, I told Angie I was ready to FINALLY make a true lifetime change.

So, I started with my Angie, I have lost 41 lbs., 27 inches and about 15% bodyfat in only 30 weeks!!! Like I said, I never could not have done this on my own -
Angie was a godsend! I learned so much about my nutrition and fitness and body from her, the expert!

I am beyond thankful for Angie and all she has taught me in this journey. I am finally living my life and not hiding because I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.