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1/4/2023 General
Refugee Camp

Buduburam Camp Accra Ghana for Liberian Refugees

Sam & Diedra of Sonsu Controls Inc Boca Raton heard about a refugee family at the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Accra, Ghana, while supporting a school project in Central Ghana. This family and others are refugees from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Ivory Coast, suffering homelessness, violence, and rape ... ultimately having to flee their homes assisted by UNHCR to be temporarily housed at the camp in Ghana. UNHCR stopped helping them ten years ago. See report link – https://www.unhcr.org/449267640.pdf
Sonsu Controls approached UNHCR in Ghana (no response) and then Toronto, Canada, who said any donation would go to a program of their choice and priority, not Buduburam.

The family we are in touch with all have expired UNHCR ID cards and lofty dreams beyond our reach, but we hope to help with more basic infrastructure needs.

Sam & Diedra Sonu are independently supporting a school in Techiman Ghana in memory of their daughter Riya Sam, this endeavour is a stone yet unturned.

We intend to raise $2800 to be used for drinking water, food packets, upgraded bathrooms and a paved path over sewage-tainted ground.

Reach us on LinkedIn - Sam Pherwani, Facebook Sonu Sam. A link to this fundraiser shall be posted on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Update 1:
• December 3, 2022by Sam Pherwani, Organizer
Note of gratitude from one of the camp residents. Thanks to all of you we have reached first Milestone of $500 & 10 donors. I thank you all on the behalf of the forgotten Buduburam camp residents. Shall be postíng next progress update soon, stay tuned, regards Sam
• December 19, 2022 by Sam Pherwani, Organizer
dear fundraisers (and our silent dwellers of Buduburam), we have reached the $1000 mark, just before this Christmas - praise be to all you good folk help me carry this task to fulfilment. The rejoicing stops here though ...
There are obstacles - next $1000 will be much harder to raise than the first $1000.
Also, the beneficiary we chose (Buduburam Refugees Association Inc) is now an inactive organization with no presence in Ghana for the last 2 years. The owner has passed away we learnt recently.
Gofundme promised to reassign our beneficiary to our known charity TEL International (who is building Action School in Techiman Ghana) when we exceeded $500 and 10 donors of fundrasing, see link below
Am facing an uphill battle with Gofundme, they are going back on their word. Our persistence will prevail. Pray for us, o clean hearted ones, for your prayers are heard.

• December 29, 2022 from Sam Pherwani, Organizer
Thank you everyone for your generous donations, we have reached our halfway mark for $1400. Your prayers worked (see last update), our funds have been reassigned from inactive Buduburam refugees Association to TEL International, more close to home and our friends working on Action School in Techiman Ghana.
More encouraging news, we might have support from Hon. Wilmot Collins, mayor of Helena, Montana and associated with the board of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas https://ulaalib.org/
Keep those hopes and prayers sky high, we will get this humble effort to fruition
Happy Blessed New Year!