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8/8/2022 General
M4IF Virtual 5K Annual Race

Manu for Inclusion Foundation Invites You To Participate
 Annual Virtual 5K

[Boca Raton, FL. August 3, 2022] Manu for Inclusion Foundation would like to encourage you to join us for our 3rd annual virtual 5k. The race is going to be run between October 21 to October 24. You can run anywhere in South Florida. To participate, follow these simple steps:

This race is one of our most significant events, allowing us to cover partial scholarships towards advocate services, life coach sessions for parents with neurodiverse kids, and our annual expenses.

The race is very close to our Mission because its primary intention is to train, listen to your body, and commit to the participant’s wellness progress. Therefore, the participant has four days to complete this 5k. In addition, you will receive a training program and videos of exercises to achieve your goal.

Register today at https://www.givesignup.org/Race/FL/Anywhere/MANUforInclusion, and let’s create inclusion in our community.

For further information, contact Juana Venegas M4IF director and founder, juanav@manuforinclusion.org