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5/15/2019 General
Crocker Partners and IBM Alumni

Crocker Partners Joins Local IBM Alumni in Celebrating

Boca Raton’s 50-Year Legacy of Tech Innovation
BOCA RATON, Fla. – Celebrating Boca Raton’s spirit of innovation, Crocker Partners joined forces with South Florida IBM alumni to honor the global tech company’s legendary history and look toward the future at Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRiC), the birthplace of the IBM PC. 

Angelo Bianco, Managing Partner of BRiC owner Crocker Partners, was joined by former IBM employees at a May 9 ribbon-cutting and “reveal” of a newly installed plaque at BRiC that commemorates IBM’s research and development operations at the site from 1967 to the mid 1990s.
“The future was created here,” said Bianco. “Now, we are embracing the future again, bringing forward a world-class innovation center not just for Boca Raton, but for the entire southeastern United States.” With 1.7 million square feet of space on the 123-acre campus, BRiC is home to leading edge technology companies including Modernizing Medicine and MobileHelp. 

The plaque reveal ceremony concluded a meeting by IBM’s South Florida Quarter Century Club and Alumni Association, which featured a presentation by Boca Raton Mayor Scott Singer on the state of the City. “Boca Raton was transformed by IBM’s presence, and now we are harnessing that spirit of innovation you helped establish,” he said.
Pete Martinez, former IBM vice president and CEO of SIVOTEC Analytics, said innovation requires talented people, entrepreneurial leadership and support from government and the community. “This campus is an example of what can be accomplished when those elements come together,” he said. “This is the epicenter of innovation, so buckle up. We’re going for a ride!”

Patric Edmonson, SVP of Development for Modernizing Medicine, discussed how technology applications can help physicians better serve their patients, while collecting data in a structured manner to improve healthcare over the long term.
Dozens of former IBM employees applauded the unveiling of the plaque, which says: “Celebrating 50 years of contributions by IBM and its people to Boca Raton and the world.” Information about BRiC’s state-of-the-art office campus, amenities and upcoming community events is at www.workatbric.com.