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11/29/2017 General
Boca Community Gets Ready to be LYMBR

LYMBR is proud to announce its arrival in the Boca community, open now with a grand opening party slated for November. LYMBR offers personalized stretch therapy from highly-trained stretch therapists to ease sore muscles, improve mobility, strength and athletic performance, assist in the healing process of an injury as well as promote relaxation.

“The Boca community is ready for this kind of service,” says Chief Creative Officer, Angela Lutin. “As a member of the fitness community here at Fly Wheel, my clients have long shared with me the need to improve range of motion and find a new way to deal with the pain associated with over-used muscles.”

LYMBR, which will be located at the Glades Shopping Center, provides personalized stretch therapy tailored specifically to meet a client’s needs or goals. Whether someone is looking to enhance athletic performance, recover quicker from injury or simply find a new way to reach a higher level of relaxation, a personalized stretch therapy protocol can be designed and executed by a highly-trained stretch therapist to get the best benefit.

“Boca Raton will be a great fit for LYMBR,” says CEO and Co-Founder Geoff Schneider. “It’s an active community with people who spend a lot of time outdoors and get a lot of exercise. People are recognizing the benefits of a professional stretch, whether they golf, swim, play tennis or cycle. We’ve got clients who do triathlons and want to improve their time, and we’ve got people who golf and want to improve their swing. It’s exciting for us to see how we’re helping clients of every age – people who come in after sitting at a desk all day, are healing from an injury or even people who just want to find a new way to relieve tense muscles and get some relief from the wear and tear of everyday life.”

The LYMBR studio experience is designed for all ages and levels of activity, and Boca Raton’s sophisticated clientele will enjoy the studio’s sleek style and relaxed vibe. LYMBR therapists are top-notch professionals who must have at least 100 hours of hands-on training before working in the studio.

“I’m excited to be working with LYMBR,” says Lutin.

LYMBR opened its doors originally as StretchOut Studios in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, and has since expanded into Newton, MA and Darien, CT. The studio in Boca Raton will be its first to open in the south, with a Palm Beach Gardens location scheduled to open in the fall.

For additional information, please contact: JP Geoghegan, Director of Marketing at JP@beLYMBR.com.